Turnaround time – Query?

Regular – Generally 3-4 hours
Emergency – Instant reporting, generally within 30 minutes
Night – Instant reporting, generally within 30 minutes

How many centres connected & locations ?

As on April 2015, we are nearly 30 centres and growing very fast.

Where is your office & call centre ?

It is situated in New Delhi.

Where are your radiologist sitting ?

On site radiologists at our centres in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Sonepat.
On line radiologist at many other locations.

Are you radiologist full time / part time ?

We engage our radiologists full time as well as part time.

Is your software FDA approved – Regulatory compliance ?

Our software complies with all the regulatory requirements.

Is teleradiology – legally allowed in India ?

There is no law prohibiting teleradiology in the country.

Are there any PNDT implications in the Tele-Radiology of MRI and CT Scan?

Focus of PNDT Act is primarily on ultrasound. We do not report ultrasound on WebRad. For CT Scan and MRI also, we recommend the report to be signed by authorized person at client centre. The report by our radiologist shall be treated as second opinion.

Do I need to register your radiologist with my local PNDT office ?

This is not required.

Does WebRad – has the option of terminating my membership OR not renewing my membership?

WebRad is authorized to terminate / not renew your membership upon undesired acts as per the contract.

On becoming a member is it necessary for me to get reporting done from you?

WebRad is a ‘Radiology Community Development’ activity. It is recommended that reporting is done by WebRad radiologists. However, ours is a ‘Open Ended System’ and allows you get your reporting done from anywhere.

In case of a witness summon by the court of law who will come from WebRad to attend appearance?

Since all the reports are recommended to be physically signed by some authorized person at client centre, his attendance in the court shall be sufficient in most cases. However, if required, somebody from WebRad shall attend the court upon payment of TA & DA by client centre.

What kind of insurance do I need to take for my safety?

Generally, professional indemnity insurance for adequate amount is sufficient.

Is WebRad reporting valid in TPA / Panel / CGHS / ECHS / Cases ?

Yes. They are concerned only with the quality reporting and not weather it is online or onsite.

Will you deliver a lecture in my city if I invite you ?

With pleasure.

Do you hold any annual conferences / upgrade/ seminars / trainings ?

We do plan to hold regular meetings.

When did WebRad start working ?

Year 2008.

How do you assure me that my data is safe & secure ?

All data is password protected.

How long do you keep the data and how long will it be available to me?

Generally, the data automatically gets deleted after 30 days.

What is your phone number?

Admin Officer – +91 82229 55505.
IT Manager – +91 82229 55514.

Do you attend phone calls 24 hrs ?


What is your website?


Can we have a meeting on skype in future ?

Yes. Please talk to General Manager / IT Manager for this.

Who own WebRad & Who are the promoters ?

Please visit our website for more information.

How many centres are connected at present?

Nearly 30.

If WebRad an independent company / What is the legal status of the company?

WebRad is a project of Satyakiran Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

What is the present turnover of WebRad / Company ?

It is a moderately large company.

Can I view cases from other hospitals for my learning?

Selected teaching cases can be presented to you for learning purposes.

Do you issue a membership certificate / Card etc?


What do you mean by radiology community development?

WebRad is an ‘Open Ended System’ – Whenever desired, cases can be shared amongst the members and they can help each other in difficult cases.

What is the meaning of open ended system ?

WebRad is an ‘Open Ended System’ – Whenever desired, cases can be shared amongst the members and they can help each other in difficult cases.

Do I need to sign a formal contract with WebRad?

Yes. Both parties shall be bound by a formal contract.

How long is contract valid for ?

One Year and then renewable.

Can I change some terms in the contract?

This is a well designed contract. You will not need to change anything.

Will my hospital name appear on your website?


Can I talk to your existing clients? if yes please provide the list ?

Yes. We shall give you the references.

Full form of WebRad?

WebRad name has been derived from Web (Internet) based Radiology.

Is your system FDA approved?

FDA approval is not required for working in India.

I would like to see your facility.

You are most welcome to visit our office whenever you want.

Technical (IT)

Non DICOM cases – reportable or not?

If your machine is non-DICOM, you have to install ‘Analogue to DICOM’ converter at your end at your cost.

If required who will convert any analogue images to DICOM and how?

We can recommend some vendors who provide such service. Cost implication is the same?

Will you ask for any additional charges for software upgrade in otherwise in the future?

Software upgradation is free of cost. However, if reinstallation of the software is required due to some negligence / breakdown at client centre, some charge may be applicable.

Do you use regular computer or medical grade computers?

Our on site radiologists use medical grade computers for better image quality.

Will you report my cases if I send them through e-mail only & not through WebRad?

Our team and our systems are tuned to WebRad software only.

Can large cases like CT-angiography be uploaded in WebRad?

Our technical team can guide you on selection of images in such situations so as to reduce the data size for quick upload.

Is WebRad application available in mobile phone?

Yes, it is available.

How soon will I get the technical support when the cases are not uploading or pusher not working?

Almost immediately.

Do you provide training for technicians?

This appears to be a good idea. We can plan trainings.

Are you a software company?

No. We are primarily a service company.

Is the software that you provide developed by you?

The software is developed, continuously upgraded and maintained by a technology company based in Bangalore.

How can you give software free of cost?

With large numbers of members and ‘Pay per Use’ revenue, we hope to sustain the project.

What if I need more than one viewing licenses?

This will not be required. Your multiple viewers can use the same password but one at a time.

Does traffic jam happen in busy hour in your services?

Sometimes, this can happen when the internet speed gets compromised.

I will pay membership fees only after installation of software?

As per our policy, free software is offered only to already registered members.

Can you help me register my machines in AERB?

We can connect you to some consultant who can help you.

What is full form of DICOM?

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.

What are the tools in the software?

Our IT Manager shall demonstrate all the tools to you online.

Can I show my image to a doctor friend in USA?

Yes. By sharing your viewing password, images can be seen anywhere in the world.

Who will come for the installation?

This is an online system. All activities are preformed online.

Is a dedicated PC required?

A dedicated PC shall save you from breakdowns and possible re-installation of the software.

Can I not buy the original window?

Original softwares including antivirus are highly recommended.


Medico legal Cases?

In cases of summon for witness to confirm the report in medico legal cases, some doctor from the client centre shall attend the local summon under consultation from WebRad.

CP Act – Cases? – Consumer Protection?

WebRad Teleradiology and in the reporting radiologists are adequately insured to cover any claims arising out of any medico legal cases of negligence.

Report – Radiologist Signed?

The report shall be digitally signed by our radiologist. However, for the satisfaction of the patient and referring client, the report should be additionally singed by authorized person at client centre. This is also necessary to confirm authenticity in the court of law.

Our Doctor can talk to the radiologist?

Definitely yes. We recommended such conversations for better results.

Can I choose the radiologist to report?

You will not require to choose a particular radiologist because all empanelled doctors are highly qualified and they also consult each other before issuing the report as desired.

How do you ensure the quality of reporting by your radiologist?

The process of recruitment of radiologists is very strict in terms of qualifications and experience. Your feedback is also taken to consideration while renewing their annual contracts.

If Doctor not satisfied with the report we ask you for 2nd opinion – will it be chargeable?

Your are free to ask for a second opinion if required free of any additional cost.

How many radiologists do you have for night service?

Three – at the present moment.

I am a small centre with no Doctor. If WebRad reports are not signed by radiologists my clients will not accept.

System generated reports do not require signatures.

How many cases do you handle presently?

As on April 2015, more than 100 cases are uploaded on WebRad everyday.

How can medical student be benefitted from your database?

There is a special provision of free student membership. They can view teaching cases in the night (10 pm to 6 am) for their learning.


Financial claim due to wrong reporting?

All claims shall be entertained as per the law of land. However, adequate indemnity insurance is recommended for all concerned parties involved in the delivery of the service to the patient.

Payment Terms – Credit Facility?

You shall be required to clear all the bills by 10th day of the month for the bill raised for previous month.

Advance if any?

No advance payment is required if your payment cycle is regular.

Service tax query?

As of now, service tax is not applicable on medical services. However, all taxes / deductions shall be applicable whenever applicable.

Payment modes – available – cash / cheque?

We accept the payment through banks only. RTGS / NEFT is preferred.

If I am not satisfied will you return my membership fees?

This one time, life membership is non refundable.

Will you compensate for my losses incurred due to your server / connection break-down for a day or two?

Technical breakdowns can happen in any computer system or networking system. No compensation is applicable.

If you shut down the company, what happens to my membership fees?

This community shall become very large in the near future to afford a shut down.

Is my membership fees refundable?

This one time, life membership is non refundable.

You reporting fees appears to be much higher than other service providers?

Amongst the authentic service providers, our fees are very reasonable.

Is WebRad adequately insured to take CPA compensation?


If, on court order, someone from WebRad has to visit the local court, is there any fees TA & DA applicable.

Yes TA & DA are applicable in such situations.

How much do you pay the radiologist out of the money charged from me?

They get their due professional fee. However, some amount is kept for technology and administrative costs of WebRad.

I can arrange 10-20 WebRad connection from you – Do I get a commission?

The software is given free of cost to the members. However, you can be given the status of a channel partner with certain privileges.

If I upload large no of cases? Is there any discount in Rs 60 & Rs 20 charged in per case basis?

You can opt for consolidated monthly fee of Rs. 6,000/-.

What comes cheaper – a radiologist or taking service from WebRad?

WebRad is cheaper in small to medium workload centres. In larger centres, WebRad is useful as additional service.

Is any service tax applicable?

As per the present law, service tax is not applicable on healthcare.

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