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Financial claim due to wrong reporting?

All claims shall be entertained as per the law of land. However, adequate indemnity insurance is recommended for all concerned parties involved in the delivery of the service to the patient.

Payment Terms – Credit Facility?

You shall be required to clear all the bills by 10th day of the month for the bill raised for previous month.

Advance if any?

No advance payment is required if your payment cycle is regular.

Service tax query?

As of now, service tax is not applicable on medical services. However, all taxes / deductions shall be applicable whenever applicable.

Payment modes – available – cash / cheque?

We accept the payment through banks only. RTGS / NEFT is preferred.

If I am not satisfied will you return my membership fees?

This one time, life membership is non refundable.

Will you compensate for my losses incurred due to your server / connection break-down for a day or two?

Technical breakdowns can happen in any computer system or networking system. No compensation is applicable.

If you shut down the company, what happens to my membership fees?

This community shall become very large in the near future to afford a shut down.

Is my membership fees refundable?

This one time, life membership is non refundable.

You reporting fees appears to be much higher than other service providers?

Amongst the authentic service providers, our fees are very reasonable.

Is WebRad adequately insured to take CPA compensation?


If, on court order, someone from WebRad has to visit the local court, is there any fees TA & DA applicable.

Yes TA & DA are applicable in such situations.

How much do you pay the radiologist out of the money charged from me?

They get their due professional fee. However, some amount is kept for technology and administrative costs of WebRad.

I can arrange 10-20 WebRad connection from you – Do I get a commission?

The software is given free of cost to the members. However, you can be given the status of a channel partner with certain privileges.

If I upload large no of cases? Is there any discount in Rs 60 & Rs 20 charged in per case basis?

You can opt for consolidated monthly fee of Rs. 6,000/-.

What comes cheaper – a radiologist or taking service from WebRad?

WebRad is cheaper in small to medium workload centres. In larger centres, WebRad is useful as additional service.

Is any service tax applicable?

As per the present law, service tax is not applicable on healthcare.

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