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Medico legal Cases?

In cases of summon for witness to confirm the report in medico legal cases, some doctor from the client centre shall attend the local summon under consultation from WebRad.

CP Act – Cases? – Consumer Protection?

WebRad Teleradiology and in the reporting radiologists are adequately insured to cover any claims arising out of any medico legal cases of negligence.

Report – Radiologist Signed?

The report shall be digitally signed by our radiologist. However, for the satisfaction of the patient and referring client, the report should be additionally singed by authorized person at client centre. This is also necessary to confirm authenticity in the court of law.

Our Doctor can talk to the radiologist?

Definitely yes. We recommended such conversations for better results.

Can I choose the radiologist to report?

You will not require to choose a particular radiologist because all empanelled doctors are highly qualified and they also consult each other before issuing the report as desired.

How do you ensure the quality of reporting by your radiologist?

The process of recruitment of radiologists is very strict in terms of qualifications and experience. Your feedback is also taken to consideration while renewing their annual contracts.

If Doctor not satisfied with the report we ask you for 2nd opinion – will it be chargeable?

Your are free to ask for a second opinion if required free of any additional cost.

How many radiologists do you have for night service?

Three – at the present moment.

I am a small centre with no Doctor. If WebRad reports are not signed by radiologists my clients will not accept.

System generated reports do not require signatures.

How many cases do you handle presently?

As on April 2015, more than 100 cases are uploaded on WebRad everyday.

How can medical student be benefitted from your database?

There is a special provision of free student membership. They can view teaching cases in the night (10 pm to 6 am) for their learning.

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