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Non DICOM cases – reportable or not?

If your machine is non-DICOM, you have to install ‘Analogue to DICOM’ converter at your end at your cost.

If required who will convert any analogue images to DICOM and how?

We can recommend some vendors who provide such service. Cost implication is the same?

Will you ask for any additional charges for software upgrade in otherwise in the future?

Software upgradation is free of cost. However, if reinstallation of the software is required due to some negligence / breakdown at client centre, some charge may be applicable.

Do you use regular computer or medical grade computers?

Our on site radiologists use medical grade computers for better image quality.

Will you report my cases if I send them through e-mail only & not through WebRad?

Our team and our systems are tuned to WebRad software only.

Can large cases like CT-angiography be uploaded in WebRad?

Our technical team can guide you on selection of images in such situations so as to reduce the data size for quick upload.

Is WebRad application available in mobile phone?

Yes, it is available.

How soon will I get the technical support when the cases are not uploading or pusher not working?

Almost immediately.

Do you provide training for technicians?

This appears to be a good idea. We can plan trainings.

Are you a software company?

No. We are primarily a service company.

Is the software that you provide developed by you?

The software is developed, continuously upgraded and maintained by a technology company based in Bangalore.

How can you give software free of cost?

With large numbers of members and ‘Pay per Use’ revenue, we hope to sustain the project.

What if I need more than one viewing licenses?

This will not be required. Your multiple viewers can use the same password but one at a time.

Does traffic jam happen in busy hour in your services?

Sometimes, this can happen when the internet speed gets compromised.

I will pay membership fees only after installation of software?

As per our policy, free software is offered only to already registered members.

Can you help me register my machines in AERB?

We can connect you to some consultant who can help you.

What is full form of DICOM?

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.

What are the tools in the software?

Our IT Manager shall demonstrate all the tools to you online.

Can I show my image to a doctor friend in USA?

Yes. By sharing your viewing password, images can be seen anywhere in the world.

Who will come for the installation?

This is an online system. All activities are preformed online.

Is a dedicated PC required?

A dedicated PC shall save you from breakdowns and possible re-installation of the software.

Can I not buy the original window?

Original softwares including antivirus are highly recommended.

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